Voting Rights and Voter ID

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar held on September 1, 2022 about the changes in Missouri’s election laws enacted by HB1878 and how organizations that do voter registration can respond.

Show Me What Democracy Looks Like  

Here is a link to the Secretary of State form required by anyone who expects to do 10 or more voter registrations before November 9, 2022:

Click to access VoterRegistrationSolicitors_08.09.2022.pdf

Here is the policy adopted by the League of Women Voters of Missouri for any member who does voter registration:

LWVMO policy regarding solicitor registration of voter registrars      Approved 8/18/22

It is the policy of the League of Women Voters of Missouri (LWVMO) that

a)   Only League members and members at large (MAL) may participate in a League voter registration event, and,

b)   Each League member or MAL who participates in an LWV voter registration event must have confirmation from the Secretary of State’s office of their solicitor’s registration prior to participating in the event or, where applicable, proof of deputy status from the local election authority where the event is being held.

Each local League is to have a designated person to be responsible for confirming that each participant in each LWV voter registration event has confirmation of solicitor registration for that election cycle, is at least 18-years-old, and is a registered voter in Missouri.

This policy, which is in response to HB 1878 – 2022, is to remain in force until amended or revoked by vote of the LWVMO Board of Directors.

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