Voting in Boone County

Next Election:

  • Only voters registered in Boone County by the 4th Wednesday prior to an election are eligible to vote in that election.
  • See the Boone County Clerk’s page for absentee voting information and deadlines.
  • To initiate the voter registration process online, use the County Clerk’s form.  Filling out the online form will just generate a PDF that you still have to print, sign and mail (until/unless the process is made fully online), but it is still best if you register this way, instead of filling out a printed registration card, because it eliminates a lot of handwriting-related and other unnecessary errors.
  • Remember: Missouri has an open primary, so you need not “register” as a party member in order to take a primary ballot to vote in that party’s primary.
  • Boone County Clerk Voter Registration Q&A
  • Boone County Voter Registration Search – reveals your districts (state legislative districts, city wards etc.) and your polling place, with a map
  • Boone County Clerk Address Change form
  • Map showing city wards of Columbia

Voting Information for College Students

More links on voting and elections can be found in the right sidebar.

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