Voting Rights of Ex-Felons

Ex-Felons are Allowed to Vote in Missouri

Missouri’s state statute 115.133.1 doesn’t allow you to vote while you’re serving a felony sentence or still on probation.

Convicted ex-felons are eligible to vote in Missouri when they have finished serving BOTH the (1) prison and (2) probation/parole portions of their sentence.

After you have served your time and completed your probation, you can register to vote like anyone else. There is a box you must check on the voter registration form, stating that you have had a felony conviction. That will NOT prevent your registration from going through. That simply informs the County Clerk that the staff needs to look up your name and make sure your probation is complete.When you apply to register to vote, the County Clerk will search a Missouri computer file to see if you are serving a felony sentence. When your sentence is completed (both prison and parole) the file is updated and shows you are eligible to vote. (Sometimes this update may take a couple of weeks after the sentence is completed.)

Usually, you should receive a letter soon after completing your sentence, stating that you are now eligible to vote. This letter may be taken (or a copy mailed) to the County Clerk along with your voter application, but this is not required. The standard voter application form may be used to apply, and of course all other requirements must still be met.

When registered — VOTE! Particularly in local elections where your vote is one of hundreds rather than one of millions, and thus carries more weight.

If you have any questions about how to register, call Boone County Clerk at 886-4375.

The applicable laws are:
The right to vote is automatically restored upon final discharge from sentence, including probation or parole (unless the crime was connected to the exercise of the right of suffrage). Mo. Rev. Stat. 5 115.133(2).

The right to hold office is restored upon completion of sentence (unless the crime was connected to the exercise of the right of suffrage). Mo. Rev. Stat. 5 561.02 1 (2), (3).

Felons are permanently disqualified from jury service, unless pardoned. Mo. Rev. Stat. 5 561.026(3).

Provided by the League of Women Voters of Columbia-Boone County
September, 2015




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