2013 Municipal Elections

2013 Municipal Elections: Candidates & Ballot Measures

The election will be held Tuesday April 2, 2013.  Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Polling Places
March 6 is the last day to REGISTER TO VOTE in this election.

Columbia Mayor (all city residents vote)

Voters will choose one candidate.

Columbia City Council: Ward 3

Voters in Ward 3 only will choose one candidate.

Columbia City Council: Ward 4

Voters in Ward 4 only will choose one candidate.

Ballot Measures:

Boone County (all voters in Boone County)

Proposition 1  Shall Boone County, Missouri, impose a new county-wide sales tax not to exceed threeeighths of one percent for the limited purposes of providing funding for a county-wide joint communications and dispatch center (911 Center), and for the funding of emergency management services, including the acquisition, improvement, construction and equipping of facilities for said purposes and operating the same?


City of Columbia (Columbia voters only)

Proposition 1  Shall the Columbia Home Rule Charter be amended to add a section that would prohibit the City from using eminent domain to acquire property for economic development with the intent that the property will ultimately be transferred to another person or entity to be used for private purposes?  The designation of property as “blighted” for purposes of qualifying for any state or federal economic development program shall not be used as a step toward the use of eminent domain.


Note: there are also school board elections and municipal elections for towns and school districts in Boone County, including Ashland, Hallsville and several others.  For those candidates’ names, please see http://showmeboone.com/clerk and click on the “Notice of Election” link in the center of the page.

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