Showit2Vote – Voter ID information

ShowIt2Vote is the website that contains information about the new rules on the ID’s to use when you vote, as of June 1, 2017.

Click on the link below to watch our LWV CAT-TV show for information about the new rulespresented by Brandon Alexander, the co-director of Elections from the Secretary of State’s office.

“If you are registered to vote, you can vote”.

The most efficient way is to have a non-expired Missouri driver’s license (or Missouri non-driver’s ID), a non-expired U.S. Passport, or a military ID.
But you can still use other forms of ID as in the past (e.g., college ID).

Watch the video for details on this.
Here is the YouTube link for the video:

Or check out the Secretary of State’s website:

–League of Women Voters

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