Local News Search

Our custom Google search engine searches local mid-Missouri news sources (newspapers, news magazines, tv and radio and the Columbia Heart Beat blog).  Accessing multiple articles in the Columbia Daily Tribune or Columbia Missourian may trigger paywalls.

Search tips for finding information on candidates and issues:

  • Put phrases and names in “quotation marks” to force the search engine to find the words as a phrase, not spaced out throughout the article or website.  Example: “Caleb Rowden”

  • If you are still getting too many irrelevant or old news items, try adding a year.  Example: “Caleb Rowden” 2016

  • Add words to find articles with the candidate’s views on a particular issue.  Example: “Caleb Rowden” taxes  

  • To search for news about issues on upcoming ballots, try using terms like “ballot issue” or “on the ballot” combined with words/phrases that might appear in news stories on that issue (add the year if necessary)- Example: “ballot issue” “local sales tax” or “airport tax” “on the ballot” 2016


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