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League Presents: November 6 Election Preview

Judging the Judges

Recently, someone asked the Missouri League of Women Voters, on their website, “Where can I find information about judges?” That’s a good question.  After all, we’ll be voting to retain them or not. Here is a link to the Missouri Bar Association’s evaluations of judges, based on criteria like “Being fair and impartial toward each side of the case,” “Writing opinions that are clear,” “Treating parties equally,” etc. For Boone County, you’ll have to go to the section on “Outstate Missouri.”  Boone County is in the Western District.  You can also find out more information about the process of selecting and evaluating judges here:

Materials from “Who Own$ the Election” Forum available

All three information sheets from the “Who Own$ the Election?” forum have been posted in the Issues section of this website under “Money and Elections.”   The handouts include:

  • a glossary of categories of political and civic organizations (e.g., PACs, “527’s,” etc.) and rules governing political contributions of individuals and corporations
  • a chart showing legally permissible campaign activities for political and civic organizations
  • election spending figures by political and civic organizations

Election Forums Coming Up October 4 and 9!

Thursday October 4 in the Friends Room of the Columbia Public Library
Meet candidates for State House Districts 44, 46, and 47 and State Senate District 19
Missouri Prop A: St. Louis Police Dept. Governance
6:00 p.m. Refreshments and 6:30 p.m. Forum
The forum will be broadcast live on KFRU – 1400AM
The forum on Tuesday Oct. 9 is for the candidates running for local (Boone County) offices and ballot issues on the cigarette tax, health care reform, appointment of judges and the local tax to pay for children’s mental health care.