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Congratulations, Pam Springsteel, June 2012 Volunteer of the Month!

photo of Pam Springsteel

Sure, the League shares Pam with other volunteer organizations, but we agree she’s queen of all things Hospitality!

Pam is an active League member who will leap into action wherever she is needed, from debate timing to logistical support.  This writeup in the city newsletter talks more about her work at the Lake of the Woods Visitor Center.


LWV-MO at the National LWV Convention, June 2012

photo: members of LWV-MO at national convention

Janie Riley is holding the sign and Dick Parker and Lily Tinker Fortel are behind her and to the left.

Our photo pool on has two more pictures from the 2012 National LWV Convention in Washington, D.C.