Who will be the Outstanding Citizen of the Year?

We would like your help again this year to identify individuals who should be recognized for their contributions to the well-being of others within our community.

Many individuals in the community have had significant impact on other individuals or groups, whether as a volunteer or as part of their job.  Some may be well known; others are not.  If you know of such an individual or individuals, please nominate them for this honor.  The board will make a final decision on the award.  We need the following information for each nominee:


Contact information (address, telephone number)

In a few paragraphs, please give us the reason why you are nominating the individual, with as many details as possible.

(Please include your name and telephone number in case we have a question.)

Send your nominations to Linda S. Kaiser, President, via email (lindaskaiser@gmail.com)

or by mail (821 NW Park Lane, Columbia 65201).  It must be received by Friday,

November 11, 2011.

About lwvcbc

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. We never support or oppose any political party or candidate. Any person of voting age may become a League member. The LWV of Columbia-Boone County is the League's local organization. We hold forums for local elections and advocate for local issues.

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